The STEP ABOVE ladder can be mounted to the side or end of your trailer.
Your ladder should be mounted in a support beam where possible (usually directly above or below the seam near the top of the trailer). Our standard ladders are 16 inches wide, make sure you have at least 16 inches between the fender and the end of your trailer and will not interfere with door or window openings.

Standard lengths of 73 inches, 82 inches and 93 inches from the top of the top bracket to the bottom of the bottom bracket will fit most trailers. We can also build special order models.

With your trailer level find the spot where the top of the top bracket will mount and measure down to where the bottom of the bottom bracket will mount.

If your trailer has running boards you will need at least 2 inches above the running board for the bottom latch to work properly, make sure to check inside your trailer to avoid electrical wires, lights or any other obstructions.

See if any of our standard models will work for you. We will also need the distance from the top bracket to the ground to make sure you have adequate stand off from your trailer allowing easy access.

Simply call, fax or email us with your measurements. We accept most major Credit Cards.

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