Installation Instructions


1) Locate your predetermined spot where the top bracket will mount. With a level, draw a line where the top bracket will mount.

2) With the steps lined up, hold your ladder against the trailer with upper bracket against the line, make sure the ladder is level, mark the three holes for the top bracket using the bracket for your pattern. Make sure the ladder will hang straight down with no obstructions such as ties, opening doors, windows or fender wells. Drill the holes in your trailer for the top bracket using a 9/32" drill bit. The correct bolts are provided. (If your trailer doesn't have a frame or support, use washers and nuts or a backing plate to insure a solid mount.) Tighten bolts.

3) With the top bracket firmly attached, slide your ladder until all of the steps line up evenly (this will insure that your ladder will scope out of your bottom bracket) mark and drill the holes like you did for the top bracket.

4) Bottom bracket mounts to side of your trailer not the running boards. With steps evenly aligned you need 2 inches of distance between the bottom bracket and running board, if not a hole will need to be drilled in running board to give the latch pin room to travel.

5) Set your ladder in the bottom bracket secure with tee handle and you are ready to go down the road.

One year limited warranty
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